Rudder stock, boom, foldable dinghy and delivery

The kick-off for the new project was gluing and shaping a wooden core for a carbon rudder stock. It is quite a beast at almost 3 metres.


I also made a mold  (rough) for a carbon boom.

The boom will (hopefully) look something like the one I saw in Guernsey recently.


My dream has always been to have a good storage space for a reasonably sized dinghy. The current solution is this foldable design that should fit in the cockpit of the mothership. After it is finished I will saw it in half and put hinges in the middle, on the deck.


The owners of a big self-built catamaran asked me if I could help them bring their boat from The Netherlands to Portugal. A great chance to escape from the epoxy and dust! There wasn’t much wind but it was nice to visit new harbours (took a lot of pictures of interesting boats) and see some dolphins:


Getting ready for a new project

Refitting the Jeanneau was a good practice run for a bigger project. I am now going to try to build a boat from scratch. That will be more satisfying but it will also be more risky and take longer.

The design is around 42 feet (almost 13 meters) and is still being developed.¬† The drawings for certain components (e.g. rudder, boom) are already available. That’s where I will start.

A great 21st century philosopher once said: ‘Let’s see what happens’

Step 1: build a very big toolbox.