Dinghy seats

I found another use for my balsa and made two relatively light seats for the dinghy:

Looking at the two halves of the dinghy made me think about using them separately as one person micro boats.

I could even add a tiny outboard motor! I stiffened the “transoms” (also with balsa/glass) to make this a future possibility.

Ventilation 2.0 and thinking about tiller attachment


Although I really like the functionality of the deck ventilators made earlier, I must admit they don’t look very nice ….

So I also made 8 or so ventilators with a more traditional and streamlined shape:

The type on the bottom still needs a couple of limber holes to get rid of the water that gets inside.

A disadvantage of these traditional ventilators is that it’s difficult to keep the area under the ventilator clean. You need to remove them if you feel that need. The first design does not have that problem.

Tiller attachment

At some point in the future (probably years …) I will have to connect a tiller to the rudder stock.

So I made a removable sleeve (actually two so I can experiment). The sleeve fits around the rectangular rudder stock and I will probably just glue the tiller to it. We will see.