Mounting the bearing sleeves

In order to be able to fill the bearing sleeves with resin (from the top), I first had to put the rudder in a vertical position. It’s a bit of a beast but I managed to do it on my own without dropping it.

The next picture shows the (top) bearing sleeve completely filled with resin. If I ever have to remove the sleeves I’m in a lot of trouble ….

I also worked on the bottom side of the new carbon tiller.

This is how it all worked out. Note that I mounted the tiller the wrong way round!

Bonus picture of the ventilators after putting some epoxy paint (left over from painting the rudder) on them.

Two days

I managed to visit the project again. It had been ‘a while’. I’ve put a final layer of carbon on the rudderblade. The laminate is now a little thicker than designed but the total weight of the rudder is still very low for its size. Next steps are fairing and aligning/fitting the stainless steel bearing sleeves (scary).

Also managed to laminate a tiller and put some hardware on the boom.

And last but not least I did a first test with the second hand laminating machine that I bought online months ago sight unseen. The foot switch does not seem to work but I could nonetheless test the motor. It runs. Still needs a few parts and cleaning though.