This was the third season after the refit for the Jeanneau.

It needed cleaning. The Kiwigrip looked like a garden. I also found several crab legs, confirming my suspicion that birds really like having dinner on my deck.

This one looked guilty:

The boat stays in the water so I couldn’t clean under the waterline. I don’t want to know how that looks after three years.

After cleaning I put 10 litres of diesel in the tank.

New picture

This blog has changed.

It was about the refit of a Jeanneau Rush. That boat is in the water.

The new (long term) project is building a foam sandwich boat from scratch. See the model on the left. There used to be a drawing of a Jeanneau Rush there.

Today I only managed to do some cleaning and sanding of the rudder blade. To compensate for the lack of progress I changed a picture on a website ….

To also post some content (and fake progress) I add the picture below showing the big rudder stock. It’s almost as thick as the rudder blade and makes me smile!

Rudder blade (cont.)

After finishing the carbon rudder stock and shaping the foam of the rudder blade I needed a break from this project.

To prevent damage to the foam I should however put some carbon laminate on the blade as soon as possible. The thin edge of the blade is very vulnerable.

But first I have to do some fairing (the dark stuff on the foam):

Windpilot Pacific for sale

( SOLD August 2019 )

I am considering selling my Windpilot Pacific because it does not get much use as a result of the new project.

It’s from december 2015 but I started using it in 2017 (my boat wasn’t ready when I bought the unit).

It has the extra MF1 bracket (see drawing below from the Windpilot site) and the crossbar to improve the angle of the steering lines. I painted the reserve windvane with two component paint and put some reflective tape on it, looks quite professional. Most (or all) of the small parts in the little plastic bag are still there (I didn’t use them).

Contact me through this site if you’re interested. The unit can only be inspected and collected here in The Netherlands.