Mounting the bearing sleeves

In order to be able to fill the bearing sleeves with resin (from the top), I first had to put the rudder in a vertical position. It’s a bit of a beast but I managed to do it on my own without dropping it.

The next picture shows the (top) bearing sleeve completely filled with resin. If I ever have to remove the sleeves I’m in a lot of trouble ….

I also worked on the bottom side of the new carbon tiller.

This is how it all worked out. Note that I mounted the tiller the wrong way round!

Bonus picture of the ventilators after putting some epoxy paint (left over from painting the rudder) on them.

Two days

I managed to visit the project again. It had been ‘a while’. I’ve put a final layer of carbon on the rudderblade. The laminate is now a little thicker than designed but the total weight of the rudder is still very low for its size. Next steps are fairing and aligning/fitting the stainless steel bearing sleeves (scary).

Also managed to laminate a tiller and put some hardware on the boom.

And last but not least I did a first test with the second hand laminating machine that I bought online months ago sight unseen. The foot switch does not seem to work but I could nonetheless test the motor. It runs. Still needs a few parts and cleaning though.

Boom hardware

As a result of the (soft) Corona lockdown I don’t have access to most of my materials and tools. I don’t have serious tools at home unfortunately …

But I could think about installing hardware on the boom. I bought some simple stainless saddles from Wichard Marine and made backing plates to support them.

My goal is to keep most control systems in the boom itself. I don’t feel the need to guide all control lines to the cockpit. Another goal is to work with pulley systems (maybe using low friction rings?) instead of winches.

The sketch below will help me remember the setup but is far from final.

I also made another ventilator with some leftover carbon and epoxy. It’s strong (I can stand on it!) but light. Still have to drill the ventilation holes and trim the flange.

Bearings and an old photo

I’ve just started preparing the (round) stainless steel bearing sleeves for the (rectangular) carbon rudder stock.

And I found this 30+ years old photo of my first boat building project in my parent’s backyard. I remember coating all plywood panels on both sides with (white pigmented) epoxy before cutting them. That turned out to be a good idea because I was building outside in a rainy Dutch summer. But I also vividly remember the prices for Bruynzeel Marine Plywood and epoxy ….